Elevate with… Jordan Stachini

Jordan Stachini, Co&Co 

Having worked in the marketing industry for the past 10 years, Jordan identified that there was a gap in the market for a new type of agency – one that was the perfect mix of commercial marketing guidance and specialist execution. Setting up the agency just before the pandemic, Jordan shares her thoughts on how we can all continue to elevate.

Elevate yourself: People buy from people, and they do business with people they like. Every partner of co&co is a person or a business that we have worked with for years as individuals. So, invest in your personal brand. Make people aware of you and who you are. Don’t be vanilla, be authentic. You might not be for everyone – but so what? Do you really want to work with those people anyway? 

Elevate your Business: Don’t shy away from collaboration – we built a whole business around a collaborative model. The world of work is changing, there is more and more cross over and collaboration going on that ever before. Those businesses that embrace this will not only be more successful, but it’s a great brand attribute to have.

Elevate Greater Manchester: Support, champion, network. One of the best things about the business community in Manchester is how supportive everyone is. Sure – we all have competitors, but there is a real sense of appreciation for everyones skill set and craft. So if you can recommend someone, or celebrate another businesses success – do it. Do it publicly. Especially now. 

About co&co:

We are a straight-talking, results driven marketing consultancy that always deliver. Simple.

We work with businesses that don’t have the resources, knowledge, time or expertise to devise and execute a successful marketing strategy. Our straightforward, commercially minded approach to everything we do ensures our clients get results that impact their bottom line. We only deliver good work. No compromises.

Unlike traditional consultancies who come in, assess the immediate objectives, and leave the client with a long to do list and a big invoice – we partner with our clients for the long term. 

We believe that money is won and lost in the strategy, so we work with our clients to deliver a solid plan and collaborate with the best in the business on the implementation and execution. We don’t have a massive in-house team, which means we can be dynamic in our approach and shape our plans around what our clients actually need, rather than what we offer. We like seeing our plans in action and our clients succeed – after all, makes us look good doesn’t it.

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