Elevate with… Mel Hill

This week we hear from Mel Hill who set up MJH Communications at the start of the year.  Mel shares with us what it means to her to Elevate.  

Elevate Yourself: Since becoming self-employed, this is something I really struggled with at the beginning. Working for yourself is such a big motivator, that it definitely elevates me, but I found myself getting a little bit of imposter syndrome at times. A book I’d really recommend is The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***. It’s amazing and helped me decide to be fussier with clients than I initially was. I don’t work with anyone who I get negative vibes from, as corny as that sounds! This way, I’m motivated and “elevated” every single morning to deliver the very best for my clients.

Elevate Your Business: I touched on this in my previous answer. The best thing I’ve done to elevate my business is say no to people. I’ve been approached by some businesses who just don’t sit with me ethically. They’re not arms dealers or anything like that, but any products that pry on women’s insecurities, for example is a big no to me. I’ve also just got to know some really influential people around Manchester in my industry. Expanding my network was previously about knowing people in large organisations, but now I’ve really focussed on digital marketing experts, and I’m learning loads from them. Having a mentor has helped me massively too. It helped that one of my good friends, AJ Handley-Rowe, had gone freelance two years before me so she’s shared her mistakes and taught me some amazing things that have helped me win new clients too.

Elevate Greater Manchester: Having worked at the incredible Forever Manchester very early in my career, elevating Greater Manchester has always been a priority for me. I’m an ambassador for them still, and have decided to donate a portion of all of my profits to them every financial year. I’m also working on a few really exciting projects that are in the pipeline at the moment that will be great for Greater Manchester. We’ve got such an amazing, tight-knit community in our city region, I think we’re really lucky. The support I’ve received has been second to none, so I think the people elevate Greater Manchester as a whole. They’re ace!