Elevate with… Elliot Roebuck

This week Elliot Roebuck from Lionbridge Wealth Management shares his thoughts on Elevating.  We are thrilled to be recording a webinar this week with Elliot so keep your eyes peeled.

Elevate yourself: Making positive changes and an impact to someone’s future…that’s what elevates me! 

My father ran a manufacturing business for 33 years… it was old school to say the least. One of my earliest memories of the place was sitting in my dad’s office surrounded by mountains of paperwork…it’s safe to say he didn’t like admin. 

He juggled every hat – worker, maintenance man, delivery driver, admin assistant as well as managing the clients and chasing the invoices. 
I stepped into the business post university and we made a plan to sell the company. A gruelling 18 months later we handed over the keys. 

One of the main reasons I chose to work in Financial Planning was to help business owners not make the same mistakes we did. My dad never sought advice for 33 years and his financial position could have been a completely different story, should he have endeavoured advice along the way.  

I’m elevated every single day to help people make better choices with their finances, so they can have a brighter future.  

Elevate your business: I became a client…then Finance became my career. 

I met my colleague Ryan at a networking event way back when, and I soon realised I needed him to get my life in order. Ryan has been advising business owners on their finances for 5 years in and around Manchester and after many planning sessions I really understood the true value of seeking advice. Numerous beers / coffee meetings later I decided to join Ryan and support clients in and around Manchester. 

I’m the excessive coffee drinking Operations & Client Relationship Manager and Ryan is the details guru and our Principal Advisor. We have an amazing Client Support Assistant Sophie who keeps us both in check and out of mischief but more importantly ensures our clients are receiving a great service. 

As a team, we partner with professionals and business owners offering Holistic Financial Planning Advice. We assist our clients over the long-term in making the best possible decisions to help them achieve their goals maximising their potential now and in the future. 

I really enjoy our work, and everything is tailored specifically to our clients. I have made amazing connections in Manchester and I am proud to say our clients are not just clients but good friends too. 


Elevate Greater Manchester: I love Manchester, having worked in the city for a number of years now I am building amazing connections and enjoy eating my way through the city. 

With the current pandemic I’m missing the buzz of the city, meeting people face-to-face and walking to meetings watching people busy with their day. 

Manchester will always have a special place in my heart, and I enjoy elevating local companies that are creating opportunities for the community and the area to thrive.  

About Me 

I never feel like I have a job, I feel fortunate to love what I do and enjoy genuinely helping people. I will always remember when I first started working in Manchester, I was in awe of the city lifestyle  and endless networking events and since then, I haven’t looked back. 

I started my career in recruitment…and it’s safe to say I was shocking so that didn’t last. I then moved into a networking business and really enjoyed hosting events and building relationships in the city and from it I’ve built lifetime friends along the way. Until I found my new home within the world of finance…ironically after meeting Ryan at a networking event. 

Outside of work…I like to escape back to the countryside, spending time with family and friends. I really enjoy walking and coffee shop hopping not to mention brunching is another (problem) pastime. 

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or give me a call, I’m always keen to meet new people… https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliotroebuck/ / 07748 424307.