Elevate with… Joe Averill

This week Joe Averill shares what it means to him to Elevate. 

Elevate yourself
: Starting up in February before the national lockdown was imposed in March was always going to be a challenge. Keeping fit and healthy is of paramount importance to me as it would be very easy to slip into a lull. Keeping connected to family and friends is also a big way I choose to elevate myself, checking in making sure everyone is coping okay. It’s important not to have a mentality of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ as we all go through this challenge together.

Elevate your business: I think it’s important to realise that everyone is going through the same thing. For me, I thrive in a social and connected environment, to have that taken away has meant there’s been a need to adapt. I found that going through my phone book calling people up has really helped to lift my mood and create opportunity. There is definitely still a lot of business to be won out there, it just requires time and dedication.

Elevate Greater Manchester: Value is a word which epitomises the Greater Manchester community, everyone is always looking to help one another and that has shone through even more so in lockdown. I have always been fortunate to have been around people who have always helped me and it’s important that is reciprocated. When speaking to people it’s key to understand their position, what they do and what they are looking for – elevating Greater Manchester is always about contributing to the people and the business community.

About Joe

Joe is Founder of Vault 23, a growth consultancy. He has extensive experience across a multitude of sectors, including; tech, commercial property and digital creative. His skill set focuses on unlocking revenue growth opportunities and scaling businesses in existing and new markets.
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