Elevate with… James Spiers

Elevate Yourself

This year has been very tough for all of us and it has taught me that family, friends & contacts are immensely important and checking in with them to make sure they’re okay is vital.

It has also made me acutely aware of the mental health and wellbeing issues that the pandemic has amplified, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or support and it’s important that is reciprocated too.

It is also important not to lose sight of what makes you happy and of course your goals. Simple things such as ensuring you do enough exercise, keeping in touch with people and really balancing work & life has never been more needed but also take time to try different things and experiences.

Elevate Your Business

Whilst the pandemic has thrown many really difficult challenges at businesses, it has also given the opportunity to really develop a deeper engagement with your existing clients. This will only serve to create a longer-lasting relationship with mutual benefits in the future.

On a more personal level, I thrive in a social and connected environment and to have that taken away has been tough. So, get involved as much as you can with virtual events and activities as it not only elevates the awareness of your business (and in some case is easier to do given there’s little to no cost or travel to think of) but it also does the same for your own personal brand.

Elevate Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has always been predicated on collaboration and to ElevateGM is to do all the above. Continuing to work together whilst ensuring your businesses, networks and projects are shouted about will ensure we all help to ensure GM thrives and is continually recognised on a global stage leading to recognition such as the Economist ranking Manchester at the UK’s Most Liveable City and the recent Tech Nation Report cementing its reputation as the fastest-growing tech city within Europe & 2nd in the UK only behind London.

About James

James is a Strategic Account Manager at MIDAS working with some of Manchester’s largest and most important digital & tech companies & brands to support their growth strategies.

Working on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Mayor Andy Burnham and also the Department for International Trade, his responsibility is to understand a company’s operations in Greater Manchester, where this fits in with the strategic direction and growth sectors for the city region and then look to fit this into the overall national or global strategy of the business typically dealing with a company’s decision makers across the globe.