Elevate with… Josh Probert

Elevate yourself

Starting a business during a global pandemic was always going to have its challenges. From coming up with an idea in my bedroom to moving into an office a couple of months later, it’s been wild so far. Along the way, I’ve met some incredible people who have created some amazing businesses. If the pandemic has made me realise anything, it’s that your network is one of the most important tools you can have.

Elevate your business

Having worked for a global organisation, one thing I found they lacked was a personal approach to helping SME’s. When I started Hyphen, I knew I wanted to support SME’s as best as I could. Using technology to help a company grow seemed like a natural fit! We elevate ourselves by helping companies elevate themselves to new highs they’ve dreamt of!

Elevate the region

There’re hundreds of fantastic businesses within Manchester each with their unique story to tell. There really seems to be a sense of community in the air. With well over £100 million invested in Manchester-based start-ups last month alone, it really is the place to be for any ambitious start-up!

Josh is Managing Director of Hyphen Business Solutions, a software technology consultancy based in Manchester. The business aims to boast a wide variety of businesses that they have supported grow through the use of the right software and business processes.

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