Right To Walk Announces Back To The City Campaign

Right to Walk, a highly mobilised collective of women working in Manchester, has announced its city-wide in-venue and outdoor digital campaign, Back To The City, highlighting the flaws in the current guidelines for women – and everyone – walking home.

Back To The City will launch across digital screens in Manchester from Monday 17th May, the day indoor hospitality returns, asking a question and sparking conversation across the city of “What more can we do?”.

The campaign will drive practical and cultural change whilst providing guidance to the people responsible for the private and public spaces in Manchester, with Right To Walk hoping to change attitudes and nurture a safer, more positive environment that makes everyone within it feel safe, all the time, no matter what.

Created in collaboration with Forever Manchester, Edison Media, a Manchester-based media buying and planning agency and Ocean Outdoor, a media company specialising in large-format digital out of home screens and DS Emotion, Back To The City will see striking imagery of a host of Manchester individuals asking the question ‘What More Can We Do?’.

Back To The City will include prominent hospitality figures of Manchester including Dean Mac, Mary-Ellen McTague, Pippy Eats, Patrick Howley and Angus Pride, as well as the CEO of Manchester Pride, Mark Fletcher, prolific Manchester influencers Remi Akande and Domain Esdale and Manchester businesses including FGH Security and Down At The Social.

The digital campaign will be shown on screens across the city including Deansgate
, Albert Square, King Street, New Cathedral Street, Market Street, around Piccadilly Gardens and the Northern Quarter from Monday 17th May – Monday 31st May.

Daisy Whitehouse, from Right to Walk MCR said: “The question is so simple, ‘What More Can We Do’ and yet for so long we have all been too afraid to ask it. This campaign is so important in starting a conversation, we must be a collective of change that challenges the status quo and looks at what we can do to create safe streets. No one should feel afraid to walk home, we must all work together to generate change, all of us, men included.”

Helen Aldridge, of Right To Walk MCR, said; “Right To Walk began as a response to the horrifying murder of Sarah Everard when we came together to organise a virtual vigil in her memory. This sparked something within us as a team and we realised that we could do more. We have been having some really interesting, and essential, conversations with place makers, property managers and people within the city about what we can do next to make our city the very best version of itself for men and women alike.”

Right To Walk MCR is a collective of women in Manchester who have come together in the hope that they can use their influence and skills to drive real change both on the streets and in the boardrooms of the city. With experience in retail, property, business, charity, marketing, PR, place making, publishing and hospitality, Right To Walk MCR want to raise awareness of and tackle head on the intrinsic misogyny that women face every day in society.

The Back To The City digital campaign will be shown on screens across Manchester from Monday 17th May – Monday 31st May, with posters placed in key hospitality venues also.

For more information, please visit righttowalk.com

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