Summer Fridays

The summer holidays are upon us!

Admittedly, it’s not the usual holiday season with record temperatures and extreme heat weather warnings being seen across the UK, and little to no certainty on whether we can travel abroad. We’re not quite sure how the next month or so will pan out: quieter than ever or business as usual?

What we do know for certain though is that September and October are looking very busy already. We are planning launch parties, conferences, roundtables, training programmes and all sorts of other exciting projects.

We are therefore keen to ensure we get fully rested over the summer and come back fighting fit and productive. Don’t worry though, we’re not closing up shop completely. We’re just moving to a four-day week, with the full team taking Fridays off until September. Obviously if anything urgent crops up we will be available on WhatsApp/good old-fashioned calls but we’re not envisaging this to happen regularly. Indeed, based on normal habits we can’t get hold of anyone on a sunny Friday afternoon!

More and more studies are showing that four-day weeks are actually more productive and we’ll be monitoring how we get on. Whilst we don’t have plans for this to be a permanent pattern, we are keen to ensure we give ourselves plenty of headspace and creative time. Both for own sakes and because we know happy, rested people do the very best work.

As ever, we would love to hear your thoughts on this so do drop us an email or give us a call.