Elevate with… Amer Gaffar

Elevate Yourself

Sustainability means a lot to me and is an area I have worked in for over 20 years now. Sustainability means different things for different people, and it shouldn’t, we must do everything we can to ensure all generations understand its importance and the opportunities it provides for growth in multiple sectors. I have pledged to share my work and experience with anyone and everyone as without real collaboration nothing will change. 

Elevate Your Business

COP26 was another focus on the climate agenda and the policies that were required to address the climate emergency we all face. Hydrogen has become very popular but it’s not new technology and Net Zero is driving the demand for it, so the critical challenge is understanding Net Zero. Many businesses, academia and government are now clear that something must change quickly, and this only happens with everyone pulling together to achieve it. I see Investments into cleaner energy and a real sense of urgency now with many more businesses noticeably moving from net zero pledges towards action.

Elevate Greater Manchester

Universities are a key part of the attraction of Greater Manchester, we have some fantastic ones which already work together on key challenges such as Climate Change and Greater Manchester’s 2038 pledge to become Net Zero. We will always support the region which has an incredible history of working in a collaborative fashion through our businesses and regional authorities. For us at Manchester Met it’s our expertise in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and the work we are doing on ensuring we help shape the skills required for a Net Zero future.

About Amer

Amer is Director of the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University. His goal over the coming years is continue supporting businesses in understanding Net Zero which will require collaboration across the private and public sectors that will create new opportunities for innovation, skills and more sustainable growth across not only areas like Hydrogen and Fuel Cells but as part of the wider Energy transition focus we have as Greater Manchester.