Elevate with… Rachel Griffiths

Elevate yourself

Elevating yourself is the ability to be at your most natural. We are born in a most beautiful natural state. As we grow we learn patterns of thinking and behaviours.  Some of these are useful, many of them are habit, lots of them are unhelpful. To me, elevating yourself means really choosing what you stand for, which thought patterns to hold and which to let go of. To be your natural self, in all situations, transforms your ability to be exceptional at connection and communication with others. Once you can connect, you can bring about change. 

Elevate your business 

Businesses and those working in them are brilliant at doing.  When those in your business become exceptional at ‘being’ then exciting things really happen.

Elevate the North 

Those that live and work in the North, know its sense of drive, spirit and community. The Northern Gamechanger Awards are a reminder of the change that individuals throughout the North are capable of bringing. It is in our DNA.  Rolls Royce meeting in Manchester, Marks and Spencers opening in Leeds, the invention of the World Wide Web, Emmeline Pankhurst, the first professional football league, the invention of Granite, music and culture that go down in history. These are not events, they are the actions of individual leaders with an inherent and natural sense of drive, vision and a gritty determination. Welcome to the North.

About Rachel

Rachel once got sacked from Coronation Street (as part of the storyline) during her early acting career.  Today, still a proud Mancunian,  she enables others, including Unilever, Facebook, Oxfam to deliver an outstanding performance through leadership coaching and communications.  A career in corporate communications and reputation led her to get curious about what it takes to have influence and impact.  The answer? Exceptional human connection and communication.  As an accredited executive coach, associate board member of the International Coaching Federation and a graduate of the Centre For Right Relationships, Rachel focuses on the leadership of ‘being’ rather than the leadership of ‘doing’. She founded The Natural Leader in 2021 to bring a breath of fresh air to an outdated and stagnant leadership market which still offers learning from text books and theories.  To her, leadership is as unique as your fingerprint. The Natural Leader partners with game-changers, particularly those who seek to deliver sustainable change and link personal leadership with global responsibility.