Elevate with… Charlotte Ashton

Elevate Yourself

Accountants are generally left brained by nature, applying linear and analytical thought to achieve an outcome.  I believe in bringing the right brain to corporate finance advisory services, selling a business regardless of the stake is an emotive topic so emotional intelligence, intuition and creativity is just as important as metrics and performance.  If the person or team running a business are not happy and engaged, a transaction is unlikely to be successful.  I take a coaching focused approach to working with management teams to understand personal drivers and ambitions before considering appropriate transaction types and investment partners.

Elevate Your Business

Implicit Advisory empowers SME business leaders to approach the process of investment and exit with more confidence through the provision of independent advice, education and early exposure to potential funders and buyers, enabling leaders to build relationships and perform their own diligence.

Elevate Greater Manchester

The investment ecosystem in Greater Manchester has matured in the last decade to such an extent that more business are able to find funding and exit options from local investors, but it can be inaccessible and difficult to navigate. The Corporate Finance advisory provision has matured in line with this so there is also competition find high quality advisers who can achieve the best outcome for a business, there is a need for management teams to educate themselves and develop networks early.  The volume and value of deal flow in GM in recent years has also created significant wealth that is being recycled into smaller businesses through angels who can lend their expertise to smaller businesses.  It’s an exciting time to be a growing business in GM.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Ashton, a corporate finance accountant led the origination team at Palatine Private Equity from 2014 prior to setting up her consultancy, Implicit in June 2021.  Implicit supports SMEs through stakeholder management, investment and exit readiness.  Charlotte is an advocate for removing barriers to investment through promoting education and effective communication between entrepreneurs and investors.

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