Northern Gamechangers Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at our Northern Gamechanger Awards last night.

We celebrated purpose-driven business in our region and we’re so excited to have announced our Top
10 Northern Gamechangers!

They are:

Abigail Herron – Aviva Investors

“Abigail possesses great drive, passion, organisation, deep knowledge of a diverse subject matter,
charm and a great sense of humour. She will take your organisation very far in a short space of time
if given the freedom to do so.”

Adam Farricker – HideOut Youth Zone

“Through his 20 year commitment to the children and young people of Manchester, Adam has led
the team at HideOut Youth Zone in changing th lives of those in Manchester now and to secure that
support for the young people well into the future. What a legacy he is creating!”

David MacDonald – Cullen ECO Friendly Packaging

“David has had such an impact on the Northern business community, by creating green jobs. His
impact on society and the environment, with innovations in alternative packaging, is also

Fund Her North

“An outstanding entry for an organisation with truly visible impact.”

Georgia Fitzgerald – Juice Academy

“I was impressed with the focus on helping young people, creating jobs and careers while working in
a busy business and contributing in other areas too through her voluntary endeavours.”

Hannah Cox – BetterNotStop

“Clearly a dynamic, trailblazer who oozes authenticity in her commitment to the sustainability
agenda. A very strong submission, with very considered responses.”

Jason Laing – Promake

“I scored Jason high in the awards as aside of his professional accomplishments through Promake
which are continually amazing, it was his drive, passion and determination through the journey that
led to him starting his company that makes me feel that he is a real winner and fully deserved of this
award. From a potential life changing accident, he embraced technology to solve his medical
diagnosis and using that technology he and those who supported him were able to repair parts of his
own body which is what he wants to share with the world and that’s what makes a real game

Lee Chambers – Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing

“Lee’s is an authentic voice for change and his dedication to helping others is evident in his work. His
transparency and vulnerability really helps to empower others.”

Sophie Walker – Dsposal

“We were blown away by Sophie’s passion, going above and beyond to help the industry innovate
when the disastrous consequences of climate change are very real. Not only does she continue to
inspire her colleagues to make sustainability accessible, but works collaboratively with other
industry figureheads to create change for the better and to us, that makes her the epitome of what
it means to be a Northern Gamechanger.”

Our Ultimate Gamechanger on the night:

Lauren Rosegreen – Invisible Cities Manchester

“Lauren actively includes discussions around intersectionality in her training workshops through
sessions on black history and LGBTQIA+ rights and advocates that everyone should be aware of the
impact it has on our society. Lauren also pioneers new campaigns and projects to bring about
partnerships that hold those with lived experience at the heart.”

A huge congratulations to all of the winners and everybody shortlisted. The calibre of entries for our
first ever Northern Gamechangers Awards was incredible and really speaks to the amazing work
happening in the North.

Thanks again to our partners Appleyard Lees, Mediacubs, The Natural Leader, Manchester Central,
PHA Group, North Highland and the Manc.

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