Northern Gamechangers: FAQs

How do I nominate someone for the Northern Gamechangers?

We have created a simple MS Forms for you to complete: NOMINATE HERE. If you have any technical difficulties, please email Jess (

Are there set categories?

No. We decided to run Northern Gamechangers are one open programme so we can recognise people and organisations who excel in multiple areas.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, absolutely! We actively encourage people to self-nominate and tell us about the amazing work you’re doing. Don’t be shy!

What is the deadline?

It has been extended to Thursday 15th June. We highly recommend not leaving it to the last minute! Give yourself time for someone to proof read it, and get quotes/testimonials to support the application.

I know Elevate well. Can I just give a quick summary and assume you know what I’m doing?

No. First of all, we probably don’t know some of the great stuff you’re doing which is one of the reasons we launched Northern Gamechangers. Second, it’s being judged by a panel who won’t know everyone. We can only score based on what is on your submission.

What makes a good nomination?

We appreciate that for some people, this will be the first time you have completed a nomination. Even for the more experienced award writers, you might not be used to this format.

Top tips:

  1. Back up what you are saying with evidence – have you got some data or testimonials you can share?
  2. Don’t hide the challenges. We want to know about obstacles you’ve overcome as well as the highlights.
  3. Focus on the impact. Who have you helped? What change have you inspired? What are the causes you care about?
  4. Include additional roles (official and unofficial) that show what impact you have outside of the day job.
  5. Ask someone to proof read it. This will help to ensure it reads well and that you haven’t missed anything important.

Who will judge the nominations?

There will be a panel of judges (shared on our website) which includes past winners, sponsors and business leaders. Elevate will manage the process but will not be scoring nominations.

When do I find out if I’ve won?

We will announce the Top 40 Northern Gamechangers in late June and invite everyone to a shortlisted drinks event in July. The Top Ten, including the 2023 Ultimate Northern Gamechanger, will be announced at the awards ceremony on Thursday 21 September.

Is the ceremony another expensive, black tie do and chicken dinner?!

Not on our watch! It will be an informal party with minimal speeches and maximum opportunities for networking. Expect brilliant entertainment, delicious food and a few surprises…

Tickets are £65 +VAT per person, with discounted rates for team tickets. More details here:

If you have any questions not covered here, please email Ilona ( or Katie ( and we’ll hopefully be able to help.