Syngenta announced as Silver sponsors of the Northern Sustainability Summit

We are delighted to anounce Syngenta as Silver sponsors of our Northern Sustainability Summit on 12th June at Manchester Central. They will be speaking on the Future of Farming, and also joining our Skills for the Green Economy panel. Make sure to drop by their stand to find out more about the amazing work they do.

Tell us a little bit about Syngenta

Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agriculture companies, comprised of Syngenta Crop Protection and Syngenta Seeds. Our ambition is to help safely feed the world while taking care of the planet.  We aim to improve the sustainability, quality and safety of agriculture with world-class science and innovative crop solutions. Our technologies enable millions of farmers around the world to make better use of limited agricultural resources. Syngenta Crop Protection and Syngenta Seeds are part of Syngenta Group. In more than 100 countries, we are working to transform how crops are grown. Through partnerships, collaboration and The Good Growth Plan, we are committed to accelerating innovation for farmers and nature, striving for regenerative agriculture, helping people stay safe and healthy and partnering for impact.

Why is sustainability important to Syngenta?

Sustainability is part of everything we do – from developing innovative products that help farmers grow more from less to controlling the impact of our operations.

We’re convinced that value creation – whether in the short-, medium- or long-term – depends on successfully integrating business, social and environmental performance. Our Good Growth Plan enables us to measure our progress against the commitments we’ve made to boosting resource efficiency, rejuvenating ecosystems and strengthening rural communities. We’re also committed to developing our people, reducing our environmental footprint, enhancing our social engagement, raising supply chain sustainability and doing business responsibly.

What are you looking forward to at the Northern Sustainability Summit?

The Northern Sustainability Summit provides us with a great opportunity to showcase both our global and local commitment to sustainability. We are looking forward to sharing our experiences and learning from other like-minded organisations through having open conversations.

What is your top tip for businesses who want to become more sustainable?

  1. Set clear and ambitious goals: Define specific goals that align with your business values and objectives. Ensure they are measurable and time-bound to track progress effectively. Ambitious goals will drive your company’s commitment and inspire meaningful change.
  2. Engage employees at all levels: Create a culture of sustainability by engaging and empowering all employees. Encourage active participation in sustainability initiatives and provide platforms for idea-sharing. Employee involvement is critical for embedding sustainable practices throughout the organisation.
  3. Collaborate and learn from others: Partner and collaborate with stakeholders, industry peers, and experts. Join sustainability networks, attend conferences, and engage in knowledge-sharing platforms. By learning from others and collaborating, you can leverage collective expertise and find innovative solutions to sustainability challenges.

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