Journey to Clean Travel


January 13


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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An event discussing the key aspects of the journey to clean travel.

Transport is responsible for 24% of global carbon emissions and contributes towards poor air quality, leading to an increase in respiratory conditions and premature deaths. It is no surprise that clean transport featured heavily in the discussions at COP26 with many governments planning to ban petrol and diesel cars within the next decade. Whilst undoubtedly important, electric vehicles are a vital part of the solution with active travel and hydrogen vehicles also playing key roles.

We will cover key issues including:

– Are national and international transport regulations and targets enough to solve the climate crisis?

– What are the challenges to wide scale adoption of EVs? Is the charging infrastructure fit for purpose in Manchester and beyond?

– The UK’s hydrogen strategy was widely welcomed but arguably didn’t go far enough, specifically around green hydrogen. What are the opportunities for hydrogen?

– With a third of car journeys under a kilometre, should we be doing more to promote active travel?

– Should we be discussing transport as a public health issue? What can we expect from the adoption of Clean Air Zones?

Featuring an engaging speaker panel with thought leaders in the space including, Laurent Schmitt, CEO of dcbel Europe and Rajarshi Rakesh Sahai, CBO of Adaptive City Mobility and others yet to be revealed.